About Us

My father, George K. Granse, started this business in 1987. With a little inspiration and a lot of practicality, he engineered the best-ever washing machine pan.

Having lived through the Depression era and WWII, George, didn’t like to see waste of any kind. Working as a manufacturer’s rep in plumbing, heating and cooling, he saw the devastating effects of water damage on residences.

This was especially true in the late 1980’s when the housing market tanked and a myriad of apartment buildings started popping up to accommodate the fallout. Once again, in part, because of the market crash of 2008, we are experiencing resurgence in multi-family complexes and an increasing need to prevent water damage.

Because of my father’s zeal for life and dedication to quality, his product, Suds Sentry has been the water mitigation system of choice for more than 25 years.

An industry leader with enthusiastic foresight, George not only helped to change major building codes, but also restored a renewed sense of hope in this dynamic and ever-changing field.

Since his passing in 2009, our team has embraced my father’s vision, and we have successfully grown the company to new heights, with plans to launch three new products later this year.

Today we have a new name, SPDP & Solutions (SPDP). We are forging strong relationships with design professionals, fostering a think tank environment and setting new trends.

Here, divergent thinking is celebrated. Lives will improve, efficiencies will abound and the right systems will be put in place. If there is a way to increase eco-friendliness, to more effectively use, install, make or fit a product, we will do it.

Our goal is to meet the needs of the future. To do that, we must embrace visionaries and be ready to protect their innovation and quality.