Home Owner Associations & Water Leaks

August 31, 2017 at 12:35 PM

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Home Owners Association & Water Leaks

Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas alike all have sinks, pipes, and appliances that could be the source of a water leak. Each puddle, drip and leak needs to be investigated immediately before a small issue becomes a big problem. If you are a property owner, encourage each tenant to address leaks quickly and to be diligent with maintenance calls as soon as issues arise. By ignoring, failing to maintain or discover the source of the water leak, moisture can quickly create damage and mold. So, what are you doing to protect your property from washing machine issues?

Washing machine hoses, seals, shut off valves require routine maintenance and inspection to reduce the risk of failure.  A Suds Sentry washing machine drain pan from SPDP & Solutions can provide assurances for washing machine failures and leaks by quickly collecting and draining away the water from a leaking or overflowing machine. Suds Sentry Washing Machine Pans help to prevent or minimize the damaging effects of an overflow from a washing machine or broken washer hoses. Our pan is actually a system that is designed to drain away the water that is leaking or overflowing from the washing machine. 

Plumbing repairs are often a point of contention between unit owners and the association.  To avoid conflict, it is best for all parties to understand their rights and obligations.  As no one wants the responsibility of covering costly repairs, it is best to define the terms of damages before they occur within the governing documents for the owners and associations so repairs can quickly be assessed and reimbursed by property owners or insurance claims. 

Recently, Governor Dayton, from Minnesota, signed House Bill 1538, which adds “requirements for condominium and townhome homeowners associations wishing to bring construction defect claims against developers and is intended to lessen the number of unwarranted construction defect suits that are discouraging developers from building new condominiums and townhomes in Minnesota.” MN Condo & Town Home Warranty Defect Law 2017 Among other things, the legislation requires that before commencing a construction defect claim, homeowners associations must deliver notice of the anticipated commencement of a lawsuit to each of the homeowners in the project. 

Save yourself and, your tenants the headache, hassle, and money by installing a Suds Sentry washing machine drain pan from SPDP & Solutions!

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