Suds Sentry FAQ’s

A standard tray or a Suds Sentry disaster drain pan - here's why Suds Sentry is the washing machine for your next project.

1. What is a Suds Sentry disaster pan? 
The Suds Sentry line of water mitigation products are also known as disaster pans that help to prevent or mitigate water damage in the event of an appliance failure. Disaster pans are made for different appliances including washing machines and water heaters. Water overflow of a washing machine or broken washing machine hoses can quickly create damage to a residence that is far reaching.

2. Why are disaster pans important?
According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, 55% of all water damage claims related to washing machines issues were due to broken hoses while the remaining 45% were caused by drain lines, overflow and internal component failure. The average repair costs for the damage exceeded $5,000. These costs more than double if the residence was unoccupied at the time of the washing machine failure ( Date Published: 10.4.09).


3. Isn’t a floor drain enough protection from a washing machine failure?
When an appliance failure occurs, a floor drain cannot remove collecting water and it will spread to other areas of the residence damaging drywall, baseboards, flooring, ceilings and rooms below the laundry room, etc. This type of damage is extensive.

4. How is the Suds Sentry pan different from other washing machine pans?
Suds Sentry pans are a completely integrated design in the laundry room, which complements the finish of the room. The flooring can brought up to the edge of our pans or, our Versi Fit pan has a beautiful architectural mold to the edge. Also, our pan is directly plumbed through a 3.5” drain allowing for the quickest water removal.

5. Are disaster pans, or washing machine pans, frequently specified by architects and engineers, or construction specifiers?
Yes, disaster pans are specified in the interest of protecting the owner(s) from significant water damage.

6. What types of residences are disaster pans utilized in?
Disaster pans are commonly used in Multi Housing or apartment buildings, condos, lofts, townhomes and single family residences.

7. How does a disaster pan help to create a healthier lifestyle?
By mitigating the potential for water damage the residence is further protected from the likelihood of mold exposure, which can be challenging to locate and cause serious health issues. Airborne chemicals and off gasing that result from reconstruction processes and new materials are also eliminated or, greatly decreased through little or no reconstruction.

8. How do Suds Sentry water mitigation products support Green Building?
Our mission at SPDP & Solutions, parent company of Suds Sentry, is to constantly seek better ways to design and deliver ideas and products that make people happier, healthier and safer. By reducing the need for landfill waste and significant reconstruction from water damage, the Suds Sentry line of water mitigation products also decreases the carbon footprint left behind creating a happier, healthier and safer way for people to reside in their homes. 

9. Where are Suds Sentry pans made?
Suds Sentry water mitigation products are locally manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have been since we started in 1987.

10. Are specifications available?
Yes, please (click here) for the Suds Sentry Specifications Guide.


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