Why You Should Hire a Plumber Instead of DIY

February 27, 2018 at 9:33 PM

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Why You Should Hire a Plumber Instead of DIY


So, you’ve decided to take on a remodel project that involves plumbing work.  Thinking of DIY?  Before, you race off to the local home improvement store to purchase the project supply list here are some points for consideration.

Time and expense involved.  Too often home improvement projects take longer and cost more than originally budgeted. Multiple trips to the store and or rental shop can lead to real frustration and expense.

Know how.  Plumbers are required to have four years and at least 7,000 hours of apprentice work (in MN).  This hands-on training provides them with the know how for each project and, in-depth understanding of how plumbing systems work.  Plumbers utilize this foundation when completing significant improvements and can plan for the impact on the rest of the plumbing system in your home.  Older homes often involve more complexity and bringing plumbing up to code to allow for proper install.   

Code.  When a certified plumber completes the job, it will meet local and state codes.  Codes are created to keep all of us safe.  It may surprise you how much safety factors into a plumber’s responsibilities.  Also, if you opt to complete the project yourself and, it’s not up to code it will be necessary to bring it up to code if or when you sell your home.

Experience.  Plumbers do this work every day and have seen many different scenarios.  Invariably DIY projects present a surprise situation.  With a plumber by your side surprises become a non-issue.

Safety.  Ask yourself, how much do you really understand about venting or drainage?  Yes, those new faucets sure look great, but do you really understand how to install it and, do you have the tools for this one time install?  Some of the eye-catching, beautifully designed faucets require special tools for installation.  Your certified plumber is well versed in these subjects and has those special tools right on their truck.

Speaking of safety, remember to keep your home safe from washing machine overflow by installing a Suds Sentry Washing Machine Pan.  Our pans drain 91 gallons of water per minute keeping your home protected from water damage and mold.  Contact your local certified plumber for your installation needs.

Save yourself a lot of hassle and money.  Call your plumber for plumbing projects.  You’ll be happier you did.

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