The Importance of Maintaining Your Front-Load Washing Machine

January 23, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Many homeowners today are opting to install front-loading washing machines because they are far more efficient than top-loading washing machines. Although front-loaders are initially more expensive, the amount you save in water, sewer, and soap usage costs makes up for the extra expense. What most homeowners are not aware of is that they need to replace the washing machine door seal approximately every five years. Keep reading to learn about the potential damage that can come from neglecting to maintain your washing machine, and how SPDP & Solutions can help prevent these issues in the future.

How Bad Can the Damage Be from a Leaky Washing Machine Door?

You finally made the decision to invest in a front-loading washing machine. You are happy to see that over time, your sewage and water costs are going down. Fast-forward five years, and you notice a small puddle collects by your washing machine every time you use it. The puddles keep coming back despite your efforts to swat them. By the time you realize there is a leak, it could be too late and the damage may be done. Ignoring these leaks leads to floor damage, appliance repair bills, and contractor repair bills. It is also important to know that this type of leak is not 


covered by insurance! To avoid a potential headache described above, keep reading to learn what causes a leaky washing machine door.

Different Causes of a Leaky Washing Machine Door

Most often, what causes a front-loading washing machine door to leak is the fact that it is dirty. When water collects in the rubber gasket, mold and odor are created. While the bad odor is unpleasant, the mold can prevent the seal around the door from closing properly which causes the leak. Another cause of a leaky washing machine door is stray objects and pieces of laundry that get stuck in between the rubber gasket. These can either crack, tear or split the seal.

Methods to Prevent Washing Machine Doors from Leaking

The solutions for these problems are simple, but washing machine maintenance is key. To prevent mold and odor, keep your washing machine door open after each load. This will ensure that it properly dries out. Just like our clothes, our washing machines needs to be cleaned. To do this, run a washing cycle on hot without any clothes in the machines. Adding one cup of chlorine bleach is optional. You can also check if your washing machine comes with a tub-cleaning cycle. New cleaning products specifically designed for cleaning your washing machine and leaving it fresh-smelling, i.e. Affresh, are also now available in the same aisle as laundry detergent.

Be Prepared for Potential Leaks with SPDP & Solutions

One of the best ways to prevent water damage from your washing machine due to overflowing or leaking is to invest in an SPDP & Solutions Suds Sentry Washing Machine Pan. The Suds Sentry Washing Machine Pan prevents leaks and is a drain pan system for overflows. In addition to cleaning your front-load washing machine and properly maintaining it to prevent leaks, installing one of our washing machine pans will provide you the extra peace you need to ensure your home is safe from water damage.

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