Where Design and Architecture Meet the Laundry Room

June 09, 2015 at 11:47 AM

The Green Laundry Room

Green building and sustainability have come far from the status of buzz words into the realities of what architects design, builders build and what customers want. 

The laundry room frequently isn’t given a large amount of thought but several trends in laundry areas are well worth consideration.  There is a new Samsung washing machine with a built in pre-soak sink.  All of this innovation demands that we can place our laundry facilities in level of the house or housing unit that is the best functional choice and not relegate the washer and dryer to concrete basements of old.

Bringing the Washing Machine Out of the Basement

One of the first thoughts coming to mind when we bring the washing machine out of the basement is –oh boy, what happens if it leaks?  SPDP Solutions has been in covering this risk for closing in on 30 years.  Lisa Weglewski, SPDP Solutions President, says “My father designed the first Suds Sentry washing machine pan back in 1987.  If you knew George Granse, you would appreciate the responsibility he felt for design, materials, sustainability and costs. “A child of the depression, George Granse understood the need to do the right thing by offsetting the risk of leaking water, cost of damage and reconstruction with intelligent and integrated design to protect homes and properties for the eventual overflow and leakage from washing machines.  Unlike other pans, the Suds Sentry pan is a drain system not just a drain pan.  Suds Sentry is plumbed in to drain away the water disaster and not like many trays that simply collect the water.



Our new drain pan for front end loading washers - Part #367-MDO

Washing Machine Drain Pans Save Green

Leaks often travel through floors and walls damaging walls, flooring and other items in its path.  It is estimated that 60% of leaks could be prevented or mitigated with a prevention measure or program.  Responsible design and remodeling plans for eventual mishaps and future liabilities by containing laundry water and preventing the cascade effect of damage.

Interested in seeing more fascinating and informative facts on the risks and costs of washing machine related damages? The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has a great post addressing this topic.

Check out our new front end loading product

Speaking of innovation, we’ve recently added front end loading tray options to our line of Suds Sentry washing machine pans.  

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