Making Your Multi-Unit Laundry Room Green and Profitable

July 11, 2016 at 1:38 PM

Multi-Unit and Community Laundry Areas Tips for Profitability

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Multi-unit laundry rooms are a real estate investment that can be a boon or bust proposition. So what should you focus on to make your community laundry areas more profitable? Well maintained laundry areas are a great start. We have pulled together a few more reasons below:

  • Create a space that is well lit, safe and clean after all you want tenants to use your equipment. Make the machines easy to use with a card instead of coins. This saves on coin collection work as well.
  • Buy the best machines you can afford. Explore bulk purchasing options for discounts.
  • Look for machines with tax deductions and tax incentives to reward you for energy efficiency and lower water usage.
  • Retain your property value with regularly scheduled maintenance to the equipment.
  • Consider training sessions or short videos to instruct residents how to use the green, high efficiency (HE) machines with high speed water extraction and front-end loading capability for fewer loads with increased washer capacity and less energy and water use. Also, less soapy wastewater is poured into the sewer system.
  • If you do install high efficiency machines, make to provide instructions on the importance of only using HE detergent in order to achieve the maximum cleaning performance, water and energy savings and to keep your HE washer in the best working condition.
  • Install washing machine overflow drain pans under washer to reduce mold and water damage from overflows and leaks in between maintenance check-ups.
  • Looking for more tips? Multi-Housing Laundry Association put together 10 community laundry room tips for building owners with additional considerations and concerns to address for a functional and profitable community laundry areas for your tenants.

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